Monday, August 07, 2006

Astro Empires

Some friends found my blog and someone from my guild in a game called Astro Empires noticed my blog. It all inspired me to post, since I've been a bit lacking here for a while.

Though I've played other games some in the last while, I've been busy, and my time limited. I tried playing Guild Wars, but got bored. I played City of Heroes and Villains, but my friends left. I'm playing Titan Quest a bit, as well.

However, a web game has caught my attention the most in the limited time I've had. Astro Empires is a simple space 4X online game. You explore, colonize and develop planets, and fight battles in space. The universe is vast, with hundreds of active players and tens of thousands of planets. I think it's the most fun I've had with this genre of web games.

A nice plus is that it's mostly free, with a few features being unlocked if you pay their (reasonable) free. The game is being actively developed, though. However, many good players play for free, so it seems the features unlocked aren't truly necessary.

If you do play, check out my guild, the Octopus Overlords (OO). We're slowly working our way up the guild rankings to compete with the largest guilds.


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