Tuesday, September 20, 2005


I'm sure everyone's had one of those days. Everything and everyone seem to frustrate you. That's today. I felt like bitching about it in detail, but I changed my mind. Instead...

I like Despair (.com). They have these great little Demotivators, each a small piece of black humor to brighten my day. They're a play on those "teamwork" posters that some offices have. Today, and often, my favorite is Incompetence. I wish they had a small poster of it. I've never actually bought it, because I figure I'd actually insult the people I want to insult. Maybe I'll get it for my home some day.

Most of the people I get frustrated with aren't truly incompetent, but they have their moments. It annoys me when one warns others about problems which will follow without quick action, nobody takes responsibility, and it happens. Saying "I told you so" just isn't productive, helpful, or fun for more than a moment. However, it would be nice to be listened to a little more often.

So much for not going into details.

In other news, my provider seems to have some problems with caching, or maybe it's my browser acting up. In any case, this page doesn't seem to always update unless you force-refresh. I suppose it saves me bandwidth. If anyone reads this, just hit refresh if you have problems.


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